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Help machines understand us, humans

Our mission is to provide simulation software solutions to enable efficient creation of intelligent machines that understand emotional and behavioural states of people.

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Digital twin of your driver monitoring system (DMS)

Simulate your DMS and test it with multiple driver models, variety of driver behavior characteristic and different sensor models and positions.

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Sensee offers multiple scalable modules for your DMS simulation

Develop reliable driver monitoring systems in our simulation environment.

Driver models

Use realistic driver models in our simulation that cover individual differences with multiple ethnicities and age groups.

Sensor models

Implement the model of specific NIR camera and light sources to generate realistic video sequences.

Vehicle and environment models

Test and verify multiple camera positions in targeted vehicle model and interior design.

Occluding objects

Simulate DMS edge cases by adding additional objects like face masks or glasses.

Driver behavior scenarios

Program your own safety-critical scenarios or use the existing distraction and drowsiness datasets from Sensee.

Real driving simulator

Design your own experiments to cover variety of human factors.

Simulation walkthrough

See how our simulation can support you in the development of Driver Monitoring Systems:

About us

We are Sensee Solutions, an early stage, industry software start-up. We seat in Warsaw, Poland, where we started our journey in 2017. Since then we have been running various hi-tech consulting projects for global automotive technology developers.

Michal Niezgoda

Michal Niezgoda, PhD


Entrepreneur with background in automotive PLM sector. DMS expert, PhD on cognitive aspects of human state monitoring of drivers. Consultant of standardization working groups for DMS and human factors in the automotive context.

Pawel Budziszewski

Pawel Budziszewski, PhD

Technical Director

Experienced engineer and researcher with 20 years of experience in the filed of biomechanics and human behavious. PhD on behavioural patterns of drivers.

Kajetan Kietlinski

Kajetan Kietlinski, MBA

Product & Business Strategy

Strategist in corporate innovation of digital industries. In the past several years worked for technology enterprises in the Netherlands and in Germany. Currently investment manager in VC funds.


  • Siemens
  • Algowatt
  • Aitek
  • Catalink
  • ITS
  • Solaris
  • Skoda
  • Intrasoft


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